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Online Plant Pot Retailer UK

Home Garden Ornaments sells plant pots online to customers across the UK. We deliver to our individual customers beautiful plastic plant pots. Our coloured plastic plant pots are suitable for your home, office, balcony and garden.

What type of plant pots do we sell online?

We have a wide assortment of colourful plastic plant pots available, some of our most popular options include the following collections:

  • Exotic flower pots
  •  Classic flower pots
  •  Oval flower pots
  •  Garden planters
  •  Small flower pots
  •  Large flower pots
  •  Medium flower pots
  •  And so much more

Visit our store by clicking PLANT POTS FOR SALE  and you will be re-directed to our shop. 

How to pick the perfect planter for your plant?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect planter for your plant.

Large Flower Pot versus Small Plant Pot

The size of the flower pot matters specifically when it comes to diameter. If you have a plant that is 10 cm in diameter than you will want a planter that is 2 to 3 cm larger. When your plant grows, you will need to re-pot it into a bigger planter.  You want to avoid a flower pot that is too large because this allows the soil to dry out very slowly and can lead to your flowers rotting. Furthermore, if a plant pot is too large, your plant may also tip over. If your plant pot is too small, you are going to face a different challenge. Small plant pots allow the soil to dry out very quickly that you will have to water frequently to keep your plant alive. Moreover, in a small plant pot your flowers roots are restricted and therefore, may stunt the plants growth.


When it comes to flower planter materials, there are many to choose from. We offer plastic flower pots that are colourful, lightweight and inexpensive. Furthermore, out plant pots also retain moisture really well, so you will not have to water as frequently.

Planters with drainage holes

It is always best to consider purchasing plant pots that have drainage holes at the bottom. Drainage holes allow water and air to circulate in and out. Most houseplants do not do well standing in water for a long period of time. Most of our plastic flower pots offer drainage holes and you can also purchase plant pot saucers in addition to our planters.


What is the difference between a planter and a pot?

Generally, people use the term planter and flower pot interchangeably, however there is one key difference. Plant pots are typically small and round, furthermore, they can house one plant. Plant pots can be used both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand when it comes to planters they are typically used for outdoor and garden use. Additionally, flower planters come in a wide variation of shapes and can house more than one plant because they are also larger.


How do you know when a plant needs a bigger flower pot?

Here are some ways to recognise that your plant needs a bigger planter or flower pot:

Poor quality soil condition

Soil does not remain in the same condition, it is dependent on how long you have used it. A plant that has been left in the same soil & pot for months or even years will most likely prevent water and air getting through as easily to the roots of your plants. If your plant appears dry, not matter how often you water it, it means its time to at least change the soil.

Poor water absorption

If you water your plant and notice that the water just sits on top of the soil surface and does not sink in, then chances are you need to consider a new plant pot and new soil.

Drainage holes

If you take a look at your plant pots drainage holes and can see flower roots popping out, that’s a sign to get a bigger flower pot.

Tight squeeze

In some cases you can tell just by looking at your plant that it needs a new pot. If you notice that your flower seems to be larger than the pot itself, chances are you need a new flower pot.

Your plant has a never been re-potted

Here is a clear give away, if you have a flower that has been in the same pot since you can remember, chances are it needs to be re-potted.


What is the cost of purchasing plant pots online?

The cost of purchasing plant pots from our online shop, will vary depending on the model that you choose and the quantity.


Online Plant Pots for sale:

We sell plant pots across the UK. Some of our clients come from major cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Nottingham and many more. If you want to find out, whether we deliver to your location contact us.

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