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Plastic plant pots wholesale

We wholesale plastic plant pots for clients across the UK. We not only deliver to individual clients but we also supply our plastic plant pots to wholesalers across major and small cities in the UK. We can sell and ship large quantities of beautiful plastic flower pots, plastic garden pots, and plastic plant pots. Our plastic plant pots are suitable for a wide variety of applications such in your home, office, balcony and garden. If you are a business, that organises parties, weddings, first communion parties etc, our plastic garden pots will make a beautiful addition to all festivities. Furthermore, if your company creates and ships decorative baskets for special occasions, our plant pots can provide the perfect base. Our plant pots can hold sweets, fruits, flowers and so much more. All of our flower pots are tough, durable and UV resistant. 

What types of plastic plant pots do you wholesale across the UK? 

We have a wide assortment of plastic plant pots available for wholesalers, some of our most popular options include the following collections: 

Exotic flower pots 

Classic flower pots 

Oval flower pots 

Garden planters

Small flower pots 

Large flower pots 

Medium flower pots 

And so much more

For more information on ordering our plant pots, flower pots, garden planters and more. Contact us via phone 07904 357 026 or email 

Plastic plant pots wholesale

Do you wholesale plastic flower pot saucers? 

Yes, we wholesale our plastic flower pots saucers for all clients across the UK. Our flower pot saucers are ideal for indoor garden planters, outdoor flower ports, plant boxes, flower baskets and much more. Our flower pot saucers come in a range of sizes from small to extra-large. Our flower pot saucers are resistant to warm and cold temperatures. They maintain their shape, regardless of temperature change and they do not obtain any damages. Furthermore, out flower pot saucers are made from lightweight, high quality plastic materials. Some of our whole flower pot saucers are made from terracotta material. They can serve as a plant pot base or as protection for decorations. Lastly, our flower pot saucers are frost and UV resistant. 

Plastic plant pots wholesale

What types of plants can be placed in our plastic plant pots? 

Our plastic plant pots are a great solution for a number of different plants and flowers, some of them include: 

Bonsai trees 







Herbs – such as basil, oregano etc. 

and so much more

Our coloured plastic plant pots are also suitable for fake plants.  

What colours and styles do our plastic plant pots come in? 

Our plastic plant pots come in a variety of colours of styles. Our plant pots come in colours such as: white, red, black, blue, purple, beige, brown, yellow, orange, green, grey and so much more. We have flower pot collections that have bright neon colours, furthermore, we have flower pots that have more toned down colours. We have a wide colour pallet of flower pots to ensure each client’s needs are met. Furthermore, our assortment of plant pots come in traditional and modern styles to appeal to all trends and tastes. 

What are some advantages from purchasing plastic plant pots wholesale from us? 

There are several advantages in purchasing plastic plant pots wholesale from us in the UK. The first major advantage is affordable pricing of all items. The second we pride ourselves in providing a vast array of garden pots and plant pot saucers to suit your needs. The third is low shipping prices on large quantities. 

What is the cost of our plastic plant pots? 

The cost of purchasing our plastic plant pots in the UK, depends on the products that you choose. For more pricing information check out our shop by clicking PLASTIC PLANT POTS WHOLESALE and you will be re-directed to our shop page. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our plastic plant pots do not hesitate to give us a call, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you and all your buying needs. 

Plastic plant pots wholesale near me

We wholesale plastic plant pots across the UK. Some of our clients come from major cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Nottingham and many more. If you want to find out, whether we deliver to your location contact us. 


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